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What's a Ragdoll?

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Is a Ragdoll the Right Cat for You?

The Ideal Ragdoll Home


Ragdolls are true pet companions.  We would like to see our kittens placed in homes where there is someone there throughout the day, as much as possible.

The ideal Ragdoll owner works from home, or has a part time job that only takes them away part of the day.  Ragdolls also do very well in a young family with growing children to interact and offer play time. 

Ragdolls are social, they don't necessarily need to be active, they just need to be in someone's company, so the ideal scenario is when a family member tends to be home more often than not (whether retired, stay home parent, etc.)

Please Don't Buy a Ragdoll...


 ...if there is nobody home for most of the day: Families leaving early in the morning and returning late in the evening should consider purchasing a different cat breed of a more independent nature.   

If dedicating quality time with your Ragdoll is not possible, please consider what's best for you AND what's best for the cat.  

Pet ownership should be about BEING - not HAVING: Ragdolls are gorgeous docile creatures delightful to look at and cuddle with, but without the time to BE together, a better option would be to buy a beautiful stuffed animal to HAVE.

The Compromise


Life is busy and nowadays even hectic for many families. Let's be realistic: Most people work about 8 hours/day + add lunch & commute... then time for the gym or grocery shopping, errands... We get it.  

If unable to offer the ideal social environment but still want a Ragdoll, PLEASE seriously consider purchasing TWO KITTENS at the same time, with our $100 discount for the purchase of the second kitten.  The goal is two-fold: 

1) They will grow together and keep each other company while you are absent, and 

2) Buying them at the same time often avoids the challenge of introducing a new kitten later to the resident cat already in the household.