Ragdoll Kittens Near Chicago, Illinois



Adorable Home Raised Ragdolls

Blessings, and welcome to Nina De Drap, which literally means 

"Rag Doll" in Catalonia, the land of our heritage. 

We are a family in the Midwest raising home-bred Ragdolls with love.  We live in the northern area of Illinois - near Chicago

Our Ragdoll cattery is registered with CFA, TICA & ACFA and is committed to raising healthy Ragdoll kittens.  


NEWS: traditional lines

We are happy to announce that we are developing a new breeding program. During this transition phase while we replace our original breeding lines, and until a new web page is setup, please contact us to view the pedigrees of our new Ragdolls of Traditional Lines. Thank you. 

Regrettably, our show plans for 2020 are on hold due to Covid-19. However, while staying put, we remain optimistic for a successful show debut of our new foundation Ragdolls: Prince and Nina.


Sharing our other Passion: Our Faith

Being extremely passionate about our love for Jesus Christ, we take this chance to share with you our faith in the Traditional Christian beliefs. 

Trusting in God's Providence - we walk by faith - with love and hope, always grateful, praying for the Lord's blessings during this, our journey towards our eternal life in heaven.

  May God Bless You Abundantly.

  ...and behold, I will be with you always...  (Mt 28:20)

Our Ragdolls are a Labor of Love

Home Raised with Love

Our Ragdolls are strictly indoor cats, raised with love at our home, like family members. They enjoy daily play with our children, and are free to interact with the whole family at any time. They have the run of the house, are kept clean and never relegated to off areas like an attic, our garage or the basement.  

The well-being of ALL our family members is our top priority. With our commitment to raise healthy HCM-free kittens, we conduct genetic testing and always prioritize preventing disease in our cattery. We feed our precious Ragdolls a nutritious grain-free diet, and in addition to providing the best possible care. Adopting families receive health records showing our kittens received two vet examinations and all age-appropriate vaccinations before adoption. 

We hope you will find the information within helpful. Otherwise, please contact us with any questions at nddkittens@gmail.com. Thank you for your interest in our NinaDeDrap Ragdolls. 



Leo and Daisy are now retiring to make room for our new breeding program of Traditional Lines.