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We are All Out of Kittens... for Now


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Thank You for your interest: All the kittens in our 2019 Fall "Chocolate Litter" are gone to their new families, sorry.  

We will gladly keep you posted when new kittens become available again: If you'd like to receive news of our upcoming litters, please send us an email to

Thank You, God Bless & Chat Again Soon!  ;-)


Pricing Information

 Kitten Prices Vary: The price of our pet Ragdolls may range based on their features and markings. 

Reservations for a specific kitten begin at 8 weeks of age with a $250.00 deposit deducted from the total cost (by check or PayPal). The remaining balance is due when the kitten is picked up. 

Kittens become available at 12 weeks, after deworming and two rounds of FVRCP vaccinations/veterinary examinations at 8 and 12 weeks.   


Taking Your Kitten Home

We send kittens home with many blessings and a GIFT basket that includes a few days' supply of food, a selection of their favorite toys, TICA Registration paperwork, litter and litter box, and care instructions with tips for a smooth adjustment to their new home.  

For everybody's safety please remember to bring a carrier to transport your new Ragdoll home.  If you don't have one, let us know and we will have one ready for you.  Thank You. 


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Testimonials By Our Loving Adopting Families

Far Beyond Any Other Cattery

We've have adopted several purebred cats in the past and decided it was time to get an addition to our family.  We always wanted a ragdoll kitten and so I started looking but there were so many catteries, how would I decide?  As I looked, I was immediately drawn to Nina DeDrap Ragdoll Cattery.  Why?  I could see from their website and the details of their pictures were far beyond any other cattery.  Each kitten had multiple pictures and described with their personalities making it easy to choose the perfect kitten for us. Carla has been nothing but exceptional in answering all our questions and concerns.

From the moment we walked into their home, we knew that this was not just a business but a home that was based on providing the very best love and care.  On our way home, we knew we had chosen the perfect kitten, Fudge, for us!  His personality is exactly as described and more.  Carla treats us as an extension of her family and continues to provide us helpful information to ensure a smooth transition.  It’s comforting to know that no matter what, Carla will always be there for us and Fudge.  We can’t say enough about what a great experience we've had. - D. & C. M.

Highly Recommended

Carla and her family are absolutely wonderful! They are so passionate about the ragdoll breed. Their cats and kittens are so well loved. It really shows by how well they socialize with their siblings and people. Carla was amazing to speak with. She responded to my inquiry immediately and was always available to answer questions. Carla and her family could provide so much information about every kitten’s personality. It was amazing to also meet the kitten’s parents. Our family is so pleased with our kitten “Marble.” He is so handsome, social and cuddly. Our kitten has made such a wonderful addition to our family. We are so happy. If we were to add another kitten to our family I would contact Carla! I highly recommend Carla at NinaDeDrap! -  C.B. 



Like My Extended Family

NinaDeDrap Ragdoll Cattery is like a wonderful, loving family to me. When I first contacted the owner, Carla, she replied back to me immediately and helped answer all the questions I had about ragdoll cats. While waiting for the kittens to grow up, Carla shared kittens pictures and kept me updated, how they got examined and vaccinated by the vet, how they played with each other, got potty trained... I’m so happy watching them getting bigger every week! 

Finally when I went pick up my little kitty Bliss, I felt like all the time were worth waiting just for him. : D  -  E.S. 

Easy Adoption Process

My family worked with Mitch and Carla and now have our first Ragdoll.  Everything from my first email to Carla to picking up the kitten was easy and Carla is very friendly. Our boy is the cutest and he has a great temperament. It is obvious he and all his litter mates were very loved and very well cared for!  Truffle is such a love bug!!!!! This has been an easy and pleasant experience!!!!  - M.A.  


It is always a pleasure to hear from our loving adopting families when they send photos or videos of our babies growing up.  

If you're happy... let us know ;-) so that we may share your thoughts here.  Thank You! 

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Kittens Well Cared For


Health & Development

NinaDeDrap Ragdolls are top quality, raised with our children at home, in a clean healthy environment, cared for with love and guaranteed to be HCM Negative. Test results from UCDavis Lab are available upon request. We feed them grain-Free high quality food. Our cattery uses pine litter pellets and kittens are fully potty trained when they go home. 


Our Traditional Purebreds

Our goal is to breed Ragdolls with characteristics that meet the Cat Fancy standards: Of pointed traits and with true blue eyes. To accomplish this, we carefully select our breeders and study their pedigrees to ensure the continuation of traditional purebred lines.  

Purebred traditional Ragdolls are born WHITE and their color progression slowly develops as they grow over the first 3 years of life.  Their overall size growth also takes 3 years to mature.  


Learn More About Ragdolls For Peace of Mind

We recommend you to research as much as you can about the Ragdoll breed, a very unique kind of cat.  They are very gentle and known for their extremely docile nature: This is why we ask that you please DON'T declaw or mutilate your new Ragdoll. Our kittens go home socialized and having learned how to use a scratch post, so you should not worry about furniture damage.  Please ask us any questions and follow other links on this website to learn more about the Ragdolls' sweet laid-back personality.