Our Ragdolls are a Labor of Love

Home Raised with Love

Our Ragdolls are strictly indoor cats, raised with love at our home, like family members. They enjoy daily play with our children, and are free to interact with the whole family at any time. They have the run of the house and are never relegated to our garage or the basement.  

 The well-being of ALL our family members is our top priority.  We are committed to raising healthy HCM-free kittens, testing and preventing disease in our cattery.  We feed our precious Ragdolls a nutritious grain-free diet, and kittens receive 2 vet examinations and all age-appropriate vaccinations before adoption.    

Sometimes a kitten will be placed "on hold/under evaluation" beyond 8 weeks of age, while its features develop, and may later be released to be sold as "pet quality" if it is found not suitable for show or not recommended for breeding.  

We reserve the right to refuse the sale of our Ragdolls to anyone we feel is not the right home for one of our cats. 

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Faith & Ragdolls are our Passion    =^..^= 

"Jesus, I trust in You"