Faith & Ragdolls are our Passions

Our Cattery's New Strategy

New "20/20 Vision"

With the start of 2020, we are making the commitment of raising Ragdolls exclusively from Traditional Lines.  This new goal meaning: Ragdolls bred from lines which have stayed true to the ORIGINAL Ragdoll STANDARD, without a trace of patterns and colors of the more recently accepted traits by the Fancy, like Lynx or Flame, for example.   

The link below better explains what we mean at NinaDeDrap when we refer to Ragdolls of Traditional Lines.

Attention Breeders:

As NinaDeDrap begins anew and committed to preserving the original Ragdoll breed, we are hoping for the opportunity to work with catteries of Traditional Lines who will assist us in finding SHOW QUALITY Ragdolls for our new breeding program. 

We trust that the Divine Providence will bring to us in the form of a blessing: Select and serious catteries willing to deposit their trust in us, mentor us and help us secure new foundation breeders for the proper continuation of the breed. 

See You at the Show!

In addition to preserving the genetic quality of the breed, we commit to breeding Ragdolls with markings and features that meet the "show quality standard."  

Watch out - we are coming out: We plan to participate in the SHOW Fancy and take our new Ragdolls out to compete for championship titles!

This 20/20 vision comes with a new lifestyle for our family: We are eager to "get on the road" and begin showing (off) our new precious Ragdolls. See you at the Show ;-) 

Pardon Our Dust.... While Under Construction :-)

 We appreciate your patience while we develop a new image for NinaDeDrap that reflects its "new 20/20 vision." 

Forgive us - if things seem to be in disarray - while we cleanup our website, design a new logo, create a FB page, etc. We will send everyone a shout out when we are ready to launch more news, coming soon!

  BUSY - BUSY - BUSY: But not too busy for you! 

 If you liked what you read here and would like to find out more or be part of our new Ragdoll cattery vision for 2020, please let us know at 

Thank You - God Bless & Chat Soon! 

Attention Breeders - Continued

Consider the Future of the Ragdoll Breed

You may have labored tirelessly for 15, 20, 25+ years staying true to the breed - and this is very hard work! 

As you begin considering to slow down or to seriously take a well earned retirement, also think of depositing on your priceless wisdom. Think of working with us, together, over the next couple of years - as if in a transition phase until you are ready to pass on the baton to a younger cattery - or let it all come to an end (hopefully not.)

Yes, we are starting from scratch, like you did, and we are not asking for a hand-off, just the chance to avoid making the same mistakes: We are hoping for the opportunity to contribute to the continuation of your efforts and legacy, for the Ragdoll breed's sake. 

Think of us as an extension of your cattery: Do you have a vision in mind? Share it with us! We are flexible, eager to learn and look forward to working in partnership with you. Please contact us to find out more about us - no strings attached - let us tell you how our new strategy is developing, even if just to see if we might be a good fit:  

Thank you very much, and best wishes to you & yours for a blessed 2020.