Testimonials By Our Loving Adopting Families

Far Beyond Any Other Cattery

We've have adopted several purebred cats in the past and decided it was time to get an addition to our family.  We always wanted a ragdoll kitten and so I started looking but there were so many catteries, how would I decide?  As I looked, I was immediately drawn to Nina DeDrap Ragdoll Cattery.  Why?  I could see from their website and the details of their pictures were far beyond any other cattery.  Each kitten had multiple pictures and described with their personalities making it easy to choose the perfect kitten for us. Carla has been nothing but exceptional in answering all our questions and concerns.

From the moment we walked into their home, we knew that this was not just a business but a home that was based on providing the very best love and care.  On our way home, we knew we had chosen the perfect kitten, Fudge, for us!  His personality is exactly as described and more.  Carla treats us as an extension of her family and continues to provide us helpful information to ensure a smooth transition.  It’s comforting to know that no matter what, Carla will always be there for us and Fudge.  We can’t say enough about what a great experience we've had. - D. & C. M.

Highly Recommended

Carla and her family are absolutely wonderful! They are so passionate about the ragdoll breed. Their cats and kittens are so well loved. It really shows by how well they socialize with their siblings and people. Carla was amazing to speak with. She responded to my inquiry immediately and was always available to answer questions. Carla and her family could provide so much information about every kitten’s personality. It was amazing to also meet the kitten’s parents. Our family is so pleased with our kitten “Marble.” He is so handsome, social and cuddly. Our kitten has made such a wonderful addition to our family. We are so happy. If we were to add another kitten to our family I would contact Carla! I highly recommend Carla at NinaDeDrap! -  C.B. 



Like My Extended Family

NinaDeDrap Ragdoll Cattery is like a wonderful, loving family to me. When I first contacted the owner, Carla, she replied back to me immediately and helped answer all the questions I had about ragdoll cats. While waiting for the kittens to grow up, Carla shared kittens pictures and kept me updated, how they got examined and vaccinated by the vet, how they played with each other, got potty trained... I’m so happy watching them getting bigger every week! 

Finally when I went pick up my little kitty Bliss, I felt like all the time were worth waiting just for him. : D  -  E.S. 

Easy Adoption Process

My family worked with Mitch and Carla and now have our first Ragdoll.  Everything from my first email to Carla to picking up the kitten was easy and Carla is very friendly. Our boy is the cutest and he has a great temperament. It is obvious he and all his litter mates were very loved and very well cared for!  Truffle is such a love bug!!!!! This has been an easy and pleasant experience!!!!  - M.A.  


It is always a pleasure to hear from our loving adopting families when they send photos or videos of our babies growing up.  

If you're happy... let us know ;-) so that we may share your thoughts here.  Thank You! 

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Ragdoll Information


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We are a proud member of The International Cat Association

The Ragdoll breed & personality

 We are a proud member of The Cat Fancier's Association

What's a Ragdoll?

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Is a Ragdoll the Right Cat for You?

The Ideal Ragdoll Home


Ragdolls are true pet companions.  We would like to see our kittens placed in homes where there is someone there throughout the day, as much as possible.

The ideal Ragdoll owner works from home, or has a part time job that only takes them away part of the day.  Ragdolls also do very well in a young family with growing children to interact and offer play time. 

Ragdolls are social, they don't necessarily need to be active, they just need to be in someone's company, so the ideal scenario is when a family member tends to be home more often than not (whether retired, stay home parent, etc.)

Please Don't Buy a Ragdoll...


 ...if there is nobody home for most of the day: Families leaving early in the morning and returning late in the evening should consider purchasing a different cat breed of a more independent nature.   

If dedicating quality time with your Ragdoll is not possible, please consider what's best for you AND what's best for the cat.  

Pet ownership should be about BEING - not HAVING: Ragdolls are gorgeous docile creatures delightful to look at and cuddle with, but without the time to BE together, a better option would be to buy a beautiful stuffed animal to HAVE.

The Compromise


Life is busy and nowadays even hectic for many families. Let's be realistic: Most people work about 8 hours/day + add lunch & commute... then time for the gym or grocery shopping, errands... We get it.  

If unable to offer the ideal social environment but still want a Ragdoll, PLEASE seriously consider purchasing TWO KITTENS at the same time, with our $100 discount for the purchase of the second kitten.  The goal is two-fold: 

1) They will grow together and keep each other company while you are absent, and 

2) Buying them at the same time often avoids the challenge of introducing a new kitten later to the resident cat already in the household.