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Our Location in the Midwest

We are about 1 hour Northwest of Chicago, almost to the Wisconsin border (15 min); 1 hour away from Rockford, IL or Janesville, WI; 1 hour from Milwaukee-WI to the North, 2 hours from Madison-WI to the West, and we're about 45 min. from O'Hare International Airport, to the South. 

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Mitch & Carla

About Us

How It All Started


 After fostering cats for years, and at the request of our - then preteen daughter  (who learned at a very early age that persistence pays off) we decided to take the "breeder route" and purchased our first Ragdoll as a pet. 

We "immediately knew" this was exactly what we had been hoping for.  And once totally enthralled, the next "logical" step was to immerse ourselves in the exciting world of feline breeding.  And as they say: The rest is history...

Pet Compassionate


 While providing foster services, you'd say we went through "the works" -  from socializing feral kittens to caring for the abused, abandoned and challenging cats.

After successfully building the health and trust back up in the sick and neglected, we found we had "a gift" or a good hand for the task.  We trust the effort put forth will count towards what it takes to becoming a fine cat breeder.  

The Kitten in Our Logo


 Our children and their passion for animals have been all the joy along the way.  Our teen daughter volunteered to design a logo for our cattery, and in just minutes, she came up with this cute little kitten - and that was it!!!

Her inspiration was of course, our first queen Daisy, but with a twist - very much to our wonder and surprise: This logo envisions our Flameboyance theme - our cattery goal of specializing in a line of Flame-colored Ragdolls. 

Nina De Drap?

"Rag Doll" in Catalan

Yes, Nina De Drap (pronounced nina-dae-draap) literally means rag doll in Catalan - my native language.  Nina means doll, and to refer to a rag, we say drap.

Where is Catalonia Anyway?

Catalonia borders with France in the North, Spain in the Southwest and all of its East shore with the Mediterranean sea. Barcelona is the port from which Christopher Columbus sailed off to eventually discover America - and so you would say that from its shore, Barcelona "faces" Italy.  

I was born in the city of Lleida, about 1 hour West of Barcelona.  Catalonia is a region within Spain where the natives speak a different language from Spanish, where rag doll is said "muneca de trapo" while in Catalan we say "nina de drap."

Why Ragdoll?

Ragdoll cats get their name because when you pick them up, they go limp and "flop down" in your arms, like a rag doll would. 

In addition, the Ragdoll cat's docile demeanor, gentle personality and fur's softness are reminders of a rag dolls' cuddly attributes.